Exhibitors : Paleotime 2020

The “Paleotime” fossil fair of November 8th 2020 is cancelled.


Opening times:

  • Registration and set up : between 08:00 and 10:00.
  • Visitors : non-stop from 10:00 am till 17:00.
  • Break up : from 17:00.

Access for the visitors: Free


The fossil fair takes place in Herselt located near Aarschot and Geel (halfway the cities of Antwerp and Hasselt). The proximity of several higways makes this location easily reachable.

The address is : VTC “De Mix”, Asbroek 1a, 2230 Herselt, Belgium

Registration :

It is very easy to register as an exhibitor: Just fill in your data in the following form:

– https://www.paleotime.eu/subscribe.html


HONA vzw, the forum “Fossiel.Net” and the Paleobiologische Kring organise this event together. Both amateurs and professional paleotologists are welcome. Each participant engages himself to exchange information about the determination, literature, collecting sites, preparation, etc. Paleotime is a fair from and for amateurs: pure commercial traders are not welcome.  The organisation asks to follow these principles:

  • To meet in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • To emphasize the exchange of information on identification, literature, collecting sites and preparation techniques.
  • Stimulate the exchange activity (before sales)
  • To sell at democratic prizes.


  1. The organisation can, at any time, change the place, date and opening hours.
  2. Exhibitors should register at forehand using the online registration form. Registrations can be canceled by the organizsation.
  3. Exhibitors should follow the instructions of the ogrganisation.
  4. any offered object should always be accompanied with a label providing data about determination, stratigraphy, age and collecting site.
  5. The organisation declines all responsability in case of theft, damage or accidents. Each exhibitor should follow the legal rules concerning import and trade.
  6. In case of dispute, the organisation decides.
  7. Not allowed :
    • Objects not belonging or linked to the paleontology or the geology;
    • Minerals and rocks
    • Archeological artefacts;
    • Forgeries;
    • Juwels, all kinds of schmuck, polished stones, healing stones;
    • All recent material including shells and corals,  protected animals and plants. It is however allowed to display some didatic material. ;
  8. Allowed :
    • Fossils, allways accompanied with a label providing data about determination, stratigraphy, age and collecting site;
    • Books about fossils and geology;
    • Material for preparation and conservation;
    • Material for collection managment  like boxes, labels, databases, etc.
    • Didactic casts  of fossils only if explicately indicated ;
    • Replicas  of prehistoric animals;
    • Cut or polished fossils for didactic  means only.